Silvia Navarro will be hot in “My heart is yours “

Silvia Navarro will be hot in “My heart is yours ” : The melodrama of Juan Osorio is in the process of choosing and cast recordings are expected to start in April. The actress will play “Ana Lelal”, a girl who is a hot dancer. Actress Silvia Navarro will play a hot dancer in the new telenovela “My heart is yours” producer Juan Osorio, which will air in June.

In a meeting with media, where the main stage had two tubes to practice pole dance, the producer announced that the actress Silvia Navarro will play “Ana Leal” in its next melodrama.

silvia navarro 2014

silvia navarro 2014

“I thank the pole dance instructors Johanna Leticia Roman and Moreira , who are responsible for teaching my protagonist to dance sensually. Obviously, I’m very happy with the work and great effort made by Silvia, because although it takes some time practicing , does it perfectly , “said Osorio.


Romantic music with steps, Navarro entered the room where the classes showed that he has taken has learned to perfection, then managed a ride on the tube so that it fell slowly.

“I’m happy with the character, I ‘m two weeks rehearsing and has become something I like , it is a justified way to learn something we always crave for all women and this time my character will combine Nanny job with this art, so that the public will see a very funny mix , “explained the actress.

On how the proposal after it was rumored that his contract with the station was terminated emerged , Navarro said that he raised regarding this role within a great story, like that of ” The Sound of Music ” , accepted immediately.

” I enjoy very much to do something that has value because it is a familiar story that deals with stories of children and adolescents with current problems , type” The Sound of Music ‘ . Something totally different from what was working , “he said.

He added that ” Ana Leal ” is a young neighborhood of Ecatepec dancing as hot and yet is nanny of seven children of a widower , which she loves because everyone has different stories and especially fun to the public enjoy .

Regarding partner in the soap opera, Silvia Navarro said he did not yet know who will be her lover , but is sure to be convenient .

“The proposals I’ve heard I like, trusted and I’m sure all the characters that are in the novel have been perfect, they have very good vibes , are my best friends and I know my beau will be the right ” defined .

“My heart is yours” is in the process of choosing the cast, to start recording in April and June, the public can enjoy a story based on the Spanish series ” Anna and the seven” .

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